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Advance Your Career in Pharmacy Practice
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About The Programme

The Master in Pharmacy Practice (MPP), a postgraduate degree programme offered by IMU is unique and the first of its kind offered by a Malaysian private institution to local as well as international students. There will be four areas of specialisation offered namely Clinical Pharmacy, Social & Administrative Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management and Clinical Research. These areas of specialisation can be chosen based on your preference and according to your career needs in the future.

The development of this Master in Pharmacy Practice degree programme also takes into consideration the needs of the practising pharmacist at the moment:

a) the need to obtain a post graduate qualification

b) the need to upgrade and specialise in the new areas of pharmacy


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WHY Study at IMU?

IMU is a Leader In Health Professions and Health Sciences Education in Malaysia

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Key Facts

Master in Pharmacy Practice

March & September

Full time: 1 year
Part-time: 2 – 6 years
(40 credit hours)

RM1,000* (Malaysian)
RM1,250* (International)

* All tuition and ancillary fees are subject to annual increases, currency exchange rates, and exclusive of levy and bridging fees (if any).


“As drug therapy experts, pharmacists provide drug therapy management services built around a partnership between the pharmacist, the patient, caregiver, physicians, and other members of a patients' healthcare team. The goals of these services are to identify and resolve actual or potential drug therapy problems for patients and promote the safe and effective use of medications and enable patients to achieve positive, targeted therapy outcomes. The Master in Pharmacy Practice is an advanced professional practice programme for experienced pharmacists that builds on prior knowledge to enhance competency for practice in their profession. The Master in Pharmacy Practice programme will develop your knowledge and skills in clinical pharmacy practice and research, pharmacy management, social and administrative pharmacy, and medicines management. The programme’s ethos and culture are designed to foster self-reliance and an adult approach to learning in support of continuing professional development.”

Programme Director and Lecturer

DPharm (DME), BPharm (TNMMU), MPharm (TNMMU), PhD (TNMMU), RPh (Ind), GCP (MY) BPharm (TNMMU), RPh, MPharm, (AU), PhD (SASTRAU)


Some of Our Students Say


Dr Wong Pei Se

BPharm (Strathclyde), MSc ClinPharm (Strathclyde), PhD

Dr Palanisamy Sivanandy

DPharm (DME), BPharm (TNMMU), MPharm (TNMMU), PhD (TNMMU), RPh (Ind), GCP (MY)

a/prof lo yoke lin

PhD (UQ, AU), Mpharm (Clinical, USM, MY), BPharm (Monash, AU), Rph (MY), GCP (MY)

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